Who we are

We are a civic association whose aim is to promote equal representation of women and men in a public and political sphere. The obligatory registration of our civic association at the Czech Ministry of the Interior was finalized in December 2012 and in this month the first constitutive meeting of the Oranžový klub took place.

At this time the Oranžový klub has about twenty members. We prefer to be a smaller but active group. The members of the Oranžový klub can be people who share social democratic values of freedom, democracy, solidarity and social justice, gender equality, non-discrimination on any basis as well as the value of sustainable development and at the same time she or he is an active member who contributes to activities of the Oranžový klub.

Our goals

The activity of the Oranžový klub aims at achieving the following four basic goals:

  1. Support and promote equal gender representation in public life and progressive social democratic values and ideas;
  2. Support and promote female education for the enhancement of female participation in the public and political sphere;
  3. Formulation of female interests and implementation through programs and structures;
  4. Strengthen solidarity amongst women in public office.

The Oranžový klub wants to contribute to the social democratic programme debate. Our domains are not only the “women’s” topics. We are ready to participing in programme activity of ČSSD.

We believe that the social democratic policies have their strong basis in clearly defined values that are the compass of political conduct. Without such a clearly defined course the social democracy is lost and can not participate in overcoming the current political, economic and moral crisis. We want to enforce this belief in every area – in social and economic policy, European integration or in the field of human rights and sustainable development.